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Confinement Period Should Be Peaceful & Beautiful

Having tiring days & sleepless nights even after enduring 9 months of pregnancy along with suffering the pain of giving birth? A postnatal woman deserves a good confinement period to rejuvenate and regain her energy. The confinement period is necessary to provide her with continuous love for her loved ones. A postnatal woman should never take her confinement period too lightly as it can affect her in the long run, so don’t take the risk and make such a mistake. Due to such circumstances, we would highly recommend a confinement auntie to be hired from a reputable agency. You can base your judgment on websites’ reviews and testimonials or even forums.

Our team of professional confinement nannies are based in Malaysia and Singapore (do note that most are Chinese). We are committed in helping you cope with your confinement period stress-free. We strongly believed that responsibility and experience are key traits of a good confinement nanny. Currently, we have over 30 professionally trained nannies (members) all with a minimum of 5 years of experience.

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What you can expect from us?

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Our Satisfaction Guarantee

All nannies are professionally trained and experienced in handling your confinement needs. However, if you somehow find them unsuitable, do contact or call us for a replacement nanny.

How Confinement Nanny Can Help You?

We believe that experience is crucial when it comes to confinement. Knowing what to do at the right time and being efficient is our mantra. Here are some tasks that our confinement nanny will perform.

  • Help out for 28 days from the first day you are discharged
  • Prepare confinement meals (3 meals a day) to ensure mothers get the nutrients they require for a speedy recovery
  • Prepare Red Dates Longan Tea daily as it is essential during your confinement period
  • Handling the laundry
  • Feeding the baby (for mothers who choose to breastfeed, you can gather some tips from confinement nannies)
  • Showering and taking care of the baby
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Baby will sleep with the nanny to allow the mother to have ample rest at night
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